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Smart Mobility Survey

Posted: 22. 11. 2017 at 10:00   /   by   /   comments (0)

The Smart Mobility Survey is part of the EkoSmart project ( for the development of the smart city ecosystem. Program se osredotoča na tri ključne domene pametnega mesta, zdravje, aktivno življenje in mobilnost, ter se strateško povezuje z občinami ter z drugimi področji pametnega mesta, kot so energetika, pametne stavbe, vključenost državljanov, pametne skupnosti ipd.

The program focuses on three key domains of smart cities – health, active life and mobility – with strategic links to municipalities and other areas of the smart city, such as energy, smart buildings, citizen involvement, smart communities, etc.
Under the EkoSmart RDP2 Smart Mobility – Traffic Control and Management Systems, a focus group was carried out, in addition to a broader online survey on the topic of smart and sustainable mobility of residents. The aim was to find out more about the commuting methods and factors, as well as motivation of the inhabitants to use various transport possibilities. We were also researching the awareness among the residents about the available technology and their need for information solutions with which to facilitate the mobility of users and consequently reduce the environmental impact in city centers.
The research involved 29 users of different ages and demographic backgrounds. Their different habits and needs regarding mobility were also important, as they had significant effect on the results of the survey. The survey is still available at the address  ( where your input is also welcome.

Raziskava o pametni mobilnosti