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EkoSmart program presentation at the HOPE Agora 2018 in Stockholm

Posted: 13. 6. 2018 at 14:13   /   by   /   comments (0)
HOPE AGORA 2018-06-13_14-04-00
The participants of the HOPE 2018 exchange program were our guests in Slovenia and were introduced to the EkoSmart program. During their stay they prepared a presentation.
The goal of the one-month exchange program of health professionals is to share good practices in hospitals and health systems of the EU countries, Switzerland and Serbia. The exchange was followed by a conference; at HOPE Agora 2018 the participants presented good practices they learned in each country.
At the Stockholm presentation the Slovenian team, out of a total of 20 countries, achieved an excellent 3rd place (1st Holland, 2nd Denmark, 3rd Slovenia). Key to this success was the EkoSmart program – Integrated telemedicine approach for controlling chronic diseases and its connection to e-Care.
Our approach offers many solutions for empowering patients and their active participation in managing the chronic diseases.
The Agora participants showed great interest in the pilot results and we promised them the exchange of our experiences. The desire to exchange experiences was also expressed by Sweden, namely the National Patient Portal 1177. We can be truly proud that in spite of the many challenges we are advancing the RDP5, an integral part of the EkoSmart program, and believe in success.
Asst.  Dominika Oroszy, MD from UMCL