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Market Place Workshop

Posted: 13. 2. 2019 at 10:19   /   by   /   comments (0)

On Tuesday, February 12, 2019, the “Market Place Workshop” was held at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science (FCIS). The workshop was well attended. It’s main purpose was achieved – to present the “product market” feature and demonstrate addition of virtual products (applications and products).

First, Dejan Lavbič (FCIS) presented the “application/product market” feature and its place within the architecture of the EkoSmart Integration Platform. The presentation was followed by a  demonstration of adding virtual products (i.e., applications and products) and the presentation of the necessary metadata for describing the application from the perspective of the provider. Participants got acquainted with the content of the app market and purchasing using a shopping cart (generating an account and consequently acquiring access to the binary application file), the basic analytics of the usage of the application market, and integration of added applications from the market into a common search for all resources (data, services and applications) registered in the integration platform. Sandi Gec (FCIS) then presented the feature for sensor data publishing.

At the end of the workshop we invited all the EkoSmart partners to include their resources (static data, APIs, products or IoT sensor data), which could be of interest to other partners and the general public, into the existing integration platform.

Marko Bajec, Head of RDP1

Aleš Smokvina, Marand d.o.o.