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Successful external evaluation of the EkoSmart program

Posted: 12. 4. 2019 at 14:00   /   by   /   comments (0)

On Wednesday, Apr 10, 2019, an external evaluation of the EkoSmart program took place.

Mr. Ivan Andonovic from Glasgow, Scotland, and four representatives of the ministry paid us a visit. The first part of the meeting was held at Marand d.o.o.. The leading partner representative Mr. Roland Petek welcomed the visitors and gave a short introduction. After, the heads of RDP 1-6 presented the developments within their respective RDPs.

The second, afternoon session was held at UL FCIS. Prof. dr. Marko Bajec, head of RDP1, and other RDP representatives, provided the assessor and the ministry representatives with a detailed explanation of the contents of the EkoSmart program, the importance of the ecosystem itself, and the methods of establishing it. They explained the connection with the SDIP Smart Cities and communities, and the future possibilities in the area of establishing the ecosystem. They also presented some concrete solutions created within the RDP1 – RDP5 to show the assessor that the project covers all technological readiness levels from TRL 3 to 6.

Some highlights:

We thank all the heads and other EkoSmart RDP representatives for cooperation and organization of the event.