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Zbornik IS 2017

The “Electronic and Mobile Health and Smart Cities” workshop Proceedings were published as part of the 20th International Multiconference INFORMATION SOCIETY – IS 2017.

Posted: 1. 12. 2017 at 10:32   /   News and releases

The Information Society Multiconference (, held for 20 consecutive years, is the central event in the field of information society, computer science and informatics. At the conference EkoSmart organized a third workshop on “e&m-health” (electronic and mobile healthcare, EMH for short), presenting the research and development results,  i.e. a proposal for the implementation of infrastructure […]

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Smart Mobility Survey

Posted: 22. 11. 2017 at 10:00   /   News and releases

The Smart Mobility Survey is part of the EkoSmart project ( for the development of the smart city ecosystem. Program se osredotoča na tri ključne domene pametnega mesta, zdravje, aktivno življenje in mobilnost, ter se strateško povezuje z občinami ter z drugimi področji pametnega mesta, kot so energetika, pametne stavbe, vključenost državljanov, pametne skupnosti ipd. The […]

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2nd Annual Assembly of EcoSmart Partners

Posted: 4. 10. 2017 at 10:30   /   News and releases

On Wednesday, Sep 27, 2017, the 2nd Annual Assembly of the partners of the national RRI EkoSmart program was held at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. In the introductory address the representative of the lead partner, Mr. Roland Petek of Marand Company, reiterated the four key elements that link the program and partners, namely the […]

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Thanks to the EkoSmart program supporters!

Posted: 7. 6. 2017 at 8:24   /   News and releases

Supporters of the EkoSmart program, thank you for co-creating our story, which is already achieving positive results for citizens and the economy. Currently we’re supported by: 1. Local Energy Agency of Gorenjska – LEAG; 2. Goriška Local Energy Agency, Nova Gorica; 3. City of Kranj; 4. Municipality of Zagorje ob Savi; 5. Entia d. o. o.; 6. Avant car, poslovni inženiring, […]

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Identification of cross-sectoral chains

Posted: 10. 5. 2017 at 14:41   /   News and releases

In April we conducted a workshop under the RDP1.WP3 on identification of the cross-sectoral value chains. The thematic workshops, attended by representatives of all areas of the project, were using methods of brainstorming and brainwriting to identify and classify some of the possible cross-sectoral chains. These chains were then evaluated in terms of attractiveness and […]

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A team of people work creatively together building giant digital tablets. This are like skyscrapers, and create a city. Other people download this content on their mobile devices. Horizontal composition.

Development of the smart city of Ljubljana

Posted: 8. 5. 2017 at 13:12   /   News and releases

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is a world association of engineers working in these areas, promoting engineering, creation, development, integration and acquisition of knowledge in the field of electronic and information technologies and science. There is a call for proposals for the development of smart cities currently underway within the IEEE Smart City […]

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Logo Living bits

The EkoSmart program is the official supporter of this year’s 7th International IoT Living bits and things 2017

Posted: 22. 3. 2017 at 10:57   /   News and releases

You’re invited to join us at the 7th International event “Living bits and things 2017” (LBT 2017), which will take place from June 19th to 20th 2017 in Bled. This year’s event will be held jointly with the Bled eConference, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. At the business-technology event with the longest tradition in […]

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Delavnica platforma 16.02.2017

“EkoSmart Integration Platform” Workshop

Posted: 20. 2. 2017 at 12:45   /   News and releases

On Thursday, Dec 16 2017, the Faculty of Engineering and Computer held the “EkoSmart Integration Platform” workshop. The purpose of the workshop was in relation to the project RRP1, whose mission is to connect the areas of smart cities considered in the context of other projects into a unified, interconnected ecosystem. The first part of […]

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pametna ura

Smart Watch to Aid the Elderly

Posted: 24. 1. 2017 at 8:04   /   News and releases

Researchers of the Department of Intelligent Systems at the “Jožef Stefan” Institute developed a smart watch prototype aimed at improving, extending and supporting the independent life of the elderly. Prototype development is partially funded by the EkoSmart program and builds on algorithms and operations carried out under the H2020 project. The central element of the […]

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A personal EKG monitor developed

Posted: 22. 12. 2016 at 8:25   /   News and releases

The “Jozef Stefan” Institute researchers have developed a personal EKG monitor, partly funded by the EkoSmart program. It is an important technological innovation on a global level for long-term monitoring of the cardiac function. The innovation was completed jointly with a partner from the industry as a medically certified market product SAVVY EKG.     […]

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