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EkoSmart – a platform for connectivity at home and competitiveness abroad

Posted: 20. 10. 2016 at 18:31   /   News and releases

On Thursday, Sept 29, the consortium partners of the EkoSmart project gathered at the EkoSmart Program Platform workshop. The workshop was held by Marand company, also a member of the consortium, which presented their Think! EHR Platform that already supports hospital and health care information systems worldwide. The purpose of the workshop was to provide […]

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The first formal meeting of all partners of the EkoSmart program

Posted: 29. 9. 2016 at 18:34   /   News and releases

On Wednesday, Sept 28 at 9am, at the Dvor Jezeršek, all the partners of the EkoSmart program met for the first time. Tomaž Gornik, director and representative of the lead partner Marand Ltd., gave a keynote speech introducing the purpose, vision and objectives of the EkoSmart program. The program was officially launched on Aug 1, […]

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